Lynx Resources

Lynx is the Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement's specialized constituent relationship management (CRM) system that helps us improve our connections among the University, PAE, our donors, and our community.  Below are resources related to core Lynx functionality. These resources are password protected and you will be prompted to provide login credentials to access them. 


Lynx Information & Operations

Basic Operations


Lynx Frontline How-To Videos
Lynx General How-To Videos
Customizing the Lynx Home Page
Constituent Record Fields

Lynx Information

Lynx User Access Policy
This page provides the Lynx user access policies agreed upon prior to access.

Lynx Term Glossary
This page is a living document, updated with new and commonly-used Lynx terms and definitions. 

Solicit Codes and Mail Preferences
This page contains the Lynx solicit codes and their descriptions as well as Lynx mail preferences.

Prospect Management

The Prospect Management team is responsible for developing and managing policies and procedures to effectively and transparently move prospects through the development cycle. In short, this team is the mechanism to transform individual development activities into a collective effort toward a common team goal to raise philanthropic revenue for the UA. 

Helpful Prospect Management Tools 

Download pdf documents that support frontline team members with information ranging from a working in Lynx Reference Guide to Interactions, Plan Steps, and Communications and Multi-Year Opportunities Quick Guide. View the documents below – login with your foundation or Lynx credentials.

To contact the Prospect Management team, visit the PAE Service Desk at and click the 'submit a request' button on the top right; select prospect development in the drop down.



Report Glossary
The Report Glossary is where you will find lists of Lynx reports and descriptions and details about how to locate these reports in Lynx. Please note, the “Lynx - Standard Reports” and “Lynx – Extended Reports” are provided by Blackbaud, while the “Lynx – PAE Authored Reports” are provided by SIS Business Intelligence team.


Report Parameters

The Report Toolbar

The Report Guide

The Report Glossary


The PAE Stewardship Guide outlines current stewardship practices. It will continue to be updated and expanded as the PAE way of stewardship continues to evolve. Access it by clicking here.  


Solicit Codes and Mail Preferences

This page contains the Lynx solicit codes and their descriptions as well as Lynx mail preferences.



Lynx Training Environment
This is the training version of Lynx and is available for you to explore and practice. Remember that it is refreshed every night, so any changes that you make in there will be wiped out prior to the next business day.

Need Help? 

Please use to submit support tickets as often as possible. Email for any other inquiries.