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Lynx Training Environment
This is the training version of Lynx and is available for you to explore and practice. Remember that it is refreshed every night, so any changes that you make in there will be wiped out prior to the next business day.

Lynx Training Questions and Answers
Answers to your training questions.

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Thank you for your interest in obtaining access to our new Constituent Relations Management (CRM) system, Lynx (formerly Raiser's Edge).  Lynx is a specialized system designed to support the work of fundraising and engagement and access is granted to those whose roles include that work. We encourage you to review the user access guiding principles below to learn more about how we grant access to this tool.  To begin the application process, please complete the form linked below.  Once your submission is received, it will be reviewed and your next steps will be emailed to you.

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Lynx User Access Guiding Principles

Lynx is a specialized system designed to support the work of fundraising and engagement. Our first priority for access is for fundraising and engagement roles aligned with PAE strategies and priorities, centrally and in campus units.

We assign access by role, lean on central and campus services to complement access, and ask for units and departments to work cooperatively to consolidate users when feasible, as it is a shared commitment of time and resources to provide access, training, and support and for users to learn and use Lynx.

As members of the Lynx community, we start from trust and operate with a high degree of accountability to constituents in the use of their data. All Lynx users are required to provide an advancement business purpose to gain access, abide by a user policy, and participate in ongoing training.

Accessing Lynx involves commitment from users and the foundation. We appreciate the time this takes for users and aim for efficiency and to keep improving the user access experience. We work collaboratively to meet the needs of users and constituents.         

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Please use to submit support tickets as often as possible.