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Our Teams

Oversees the operational success of development activities through 4 teams within the UDP: 

  • Foundation Relations & The GIFT Center
  • Human Resources & Talent Management 
  • Information Technology
  • Strategic Information Services


Caitlin Haines, Assistant Director of Development Services Operations

(520) 621-9052

Dedicated to inspiring philanthropy and delighting donors and volunteer leaders. CRMCGP encompasses the work of 5 teams within the UDP: 

  • Office of Annual Giving
  • Board & Donor Engagement
  • Leadership Giving
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Stewardship


(520) 621-5491

(800) 409-9791

In addition to overseeing gift planning, and major and principal giving. This team encompasses the work of on-campus fundraisers, regional development activities, and of key programs related to the UDP's fundraising goals tied to the strategic plan. 


Shine Kim, Administrative Assistant

(520) 621-1058

Ensures the operational and administrative success of the fundraising enterprise by overseeing the activities of 4 teams in the UDP: 

  • Financial Services
  • Fiduciary Compliance & Gift Transactions
  • Central Gifts
  • Facilities Management


(520) 621-5494

Staff Directory

Emily Herrell

Assistant Director, Annual Giving

Ellen Hull

Director of Foundation Relations and the GIFT Center

Katie James

Associate Director of Stewardship

Jeff Javier

Assistant Director, Communications & Marketing

Julie Jordan

Administrative Assistant, Gift Planning

Julie Kershaw

Assistant Director, Special Events

Deborah Kessler

Director of Development, Principal Gifts

Shine Kim

Administrative Assistant

Drew Krewer

Associate Director, Prospect Management

James Krogmeier

Associate Vice President, Gift Planning

Glenn Kubat

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Cyndi Laughren

Charitable Grants Process Administrator

Brenda Lehan

Executive Assistant to President

Beverly Lein

Development Coordinator

Ashley Lomery

Assistant Vice President, Scholarships and Student Success

Preston Lundgreen

Director, Development Records Quality & Services

Mariah Maki

Director of Board and Donor Engagement